Dumpster rental, how it works

hiring a dumpster in Waco

To empty a house, to evacuate your bulky items and your waste in a skip, waste management companies offer all-inclusive rates including the removal and rental of the dumpster (between 1 to 7 days), the collection and transport to the specialized emptying and waste treatment site, anywhere in Texas.

By doing this, you will help with the sustainability of Texas.
Fill your skip as agreed with your authorized waste within the time allocated to you. If, however, you need more time, notify them at least 24 hours in advance to extend the duration of the dumpster availability under the conditions in force.

Removed, it’s cleared

Finally, when you are finished, you call them back to remove the dumpster, specifying the desired date and time for collection. The skip will be removed after checking its contents. The rental price can sometimes vary depending on the duration if it exceeds the duration initially planned in the offer.

Recycling waste is their business

They will then take care of emptying it in an approved sorting center, before going to a specialized landfill for waste treatment. Have you suddenly found yourself surrounded by a mound of rubble after demolishing your old kitchen or outdated bathroom? Do you want to clean your land after your construction work or simply to clear the air and before sowing your lawn in Texas?

Have you decided to have your garden cleared by a pruner and you don’t know what to do with all the branches, hedge trimming, clippings and other leaves accumulated? Do you need to completely empty a house you have just inherited in order to put it up for sale?

Have you thought about the efficient, simple and quick solution of renting a dumpster? This is a solution whose value for money is more than advantageous. Certainly, it is more often around large construction sites that we are used to finding rubble skips, concrete skips and scrap metal. But it is also possible for anyone to rent a dumpster, and that seems less obvious! Waste dumpster rentals are also for individuals.

Nothing could be simpler today than having a dumpster delivered to your home or site. Barely 24 to 48 hours will be required for its removal. Tell about your project, the nature of the waste with which you are going to fill the skip, the volume you think you will need, the estimated duration of the rental and you will obtain an estimated quote at the fairest price in less than 24 hours.

Appointment made, the skip will be delivered to the location of your choice and for the allotted time. A reliable and efficient service at an unbeatable value for money to take a lot of weight off your shoulders! Individuals or professionals, time is money and the preservation of nature is priceless.

1 – Rental of rubble dumpster

The rubble skip is aimed at all those who carry out work to be able to evacuate and correctly recycle all the remains of construction or demolition: bricks, pieces of concrete but also terracotta, tiles, tiling, concrete, stones, concrete blocks…

If you have more than 2 m3 of rubble to take to a recycling center, opt for the specially dedicated skip or risk being refused entry as an individual. Please note: rubble quickly becomes very heavy and is difficult to handle manually once piled up, so don’t forget if you plan to evacuate it on your own.

2 – Bulky dumpster rental

Ideal for allowing you to remove all your bulky items during a house clearance or a warehouse clearance for example, the bulky dumpster is intended for use by both professionals and individuals. Bulky items admitted are: furniture (desk, sideboard, bookcase, small furniture, shelves, chests of drawers, tables, chairs, sofa, armchairs, kitchen and bathroom furniture, wooden furniture, garden furniture in plastic and wood), bedding (bed, box spring and mattress), objects (bicycles, bicycles, toys, strollers, decorative items, lighting, etc.) and textiles (carpet, rugs, clothing, linen, etc.). ).

3 – Waste dumpster rental

A real debris bin for sorting waste, scrap and different materials, the waste bin is available in all sizes. Initially for industrial use, the waste skip can also be very useful on a private scale. It sometimes happens when emptying a house and its exterior to find piles of scrap metal, for example. Among professionals, it will also be essential for sorting waste according to its nature (cardboard, paper, sawdust, plastic waste, etc.).

This is undoubtedly the most effective way to get rid of waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

4 – Construction site skip rental

The construction site dumpster is made for mixed construction site waste, so it is particularly aimed at those involved in construction and public works. The construction dumpster can accommodate: windows and doors in aluminum, PVC and metal but also in varnished wood, window or door glass, purged radiators (often in cast iron), all chimneys except stainless steel, PVC/metal/copper piping, reinforced concrete posts, flexible plastic mesh, etc.

Added to this are floor and ceiling residues (floating flooring, false ceilings, etc.), plaster and its derivatives, and fiberglass-based insulation materials such as glass wool or polystyrene depending on recycling prices.

5 – All-purpose dumpster rental

What is described as general waste is in reality made up of waste that does not have a specific recycling or treatment channel. Waste accepted in an all-purpose skip is: mattresses, plastic furniture, furniture (excluding wood), bedding, certain insulating plates, carpet, glass (from windows and panes), plastic, polystyrene, fabrics, rubber, soiled cardboard, etc.

The waste from the general skip is incinerated with energy recovery, which is why the objects must not exceed the size of 1 meter due to the technical constraints of incineration.

6 – Land skip rental in Texas

During a house or swimming pool construction site, the earth from the foundations and earthworks quickly forms a mountain that we no longer know what to do with.

Putting the earth directly and gradually into an earth skip so that it can be removed from the premises cleanly remains the ideal solution, quick and efficient. Specially designed for loading and unloading earth, earth skips are generally equipped with a hook intended for the vehicle which will remove the skip by lifting it. Topsoil, fill or sandy or clayey soil depending on the terrain, the latter will be recycled and then reused to level land for example or be used for public works.

So that it costs you less, as part of a house clearance following a death for example, it is recommended you rent two or more smaller skips rather than just one large skip intended for everyone.

By sorting materials such as wood (i.e. furniture) in one skip and plastic (furniture, garden furniture, boxes, toys, etc.) in another, you will benefit from a rental rate. more advantageous than if you choose to throw everything helter-skelter into one bin. This makes recycling easier and therefore reduces the price of dumpster rental.

For a housing decluttering project or total renovation of a home, a capacity of 30 yard is generally recommended. For your small or medium-sized projects (such as renovating a bathroom or kitchen), a skip of between 10 and 20 yard will generally be sufficient. Finally, if you have decided to renovate more rooms or do the big spring cleaning by removing everything that is cluttering you up, choose a 40 yard dumpster.